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Aquatic Training Facility Standards

An Aquatic Training Facility is generally defined as a business operation which generates its main income by swim, snorkel or scuba diving instruction tuition and related equipment sales.
Swim Schools International Aquatic Training Facilities must meet the following standards:

  1. Have a retail business location in an area zoned for business and maintain an appropriate atmosphere for business.
  2. Post and maintain established regular retail business hours that are convenient for customers.
  3. Maintain a neat, clean and attractive facility with an adequate amount of inventory appropriately displayed.
  4. Have all required governmental licenses and permits and comply with all labor and tax laws.
  5. Conduct operation with a commitment to high quality.
  6. Have no ethics or Standards violations pending or any verified ethics or Standards violations in the past 12 months with Swim Schools International or any other training organization.
  7. Institute an instructional program using Swim Schools International Trainers and Swim Schools International teaching materials, and issue Swim Schools International certifications to every Teacher who completes Swim Schools International training programs
  8. Each Teacher should own a complete set of Swim Schools International training materials for each level which that Teacher is applying for certification. Whenever possible, home study kits are offered.
  9. Use the Swim Schools International Teacher Program as the primary Teacher training program.
  10. Purchase the minimum amount of Swim Schools International product on a yearly basis as defined in the annual Swim Schools International Aquatic Training Facility Agreement.

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